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Welcome to the Happiness Index. 

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 Your Data Privacy: By taking the survey, your happiness counts towards a national database and you contribute to the Happiness Movement globally.  We follow the European Union's Protection of Personal Data Directive Protection of Personal Data Directive 2016/679, the strongest code we know of for protecting personal data. 

In simple language: your personal information will never be sold; your data will be used at the aggregate level for the purposes of the Happiness Alliance only; all of your responses will be anonymous (your personal profile is viewable by you only); data is only kept for as longs as it is useful. 

Note: You will have the option to sign up for our newsletter at the end of the survey, and to make comments. Your email will never be shared and your comments will be kept anonymous. If you join a group, your group administrator may include questions at the end of the survey and these questions may include personal information. This information will be made available to the group administration. You can choose not to answer any question throughout the survey.  

The Happiness Index is provided by the Happiness Alliance, a 501(c)3 nonprofit offering tools, resources and knowledge for personal happiness and a new economic paradigm. Visit us at   

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